About Us

Bella’s Crafts was set up and created by myself with the extraordinary help of my sister and my husband. I work from home, where I create and design all my products and run the business.

My mum has always been the most creative person I've known and she was the one that inspired me to start my own personalised gift business, as all my life I've been surrounded by beautiful things made by her. Being a mother of two myself, I started making little presents as goody bags for my son's first birthday in 2007 (with my Mum's help!). I wanted something different for the kids to take home and remember what a wonderful time they had at my son's 1st birthday party. Then, in 2009, I decided to make most of my Christmas decorations and gifts for the kids and teachers at my son's  nursery. That's how it all started! I loved making the decorations and everybody was pleasantly surprised when they knew they were all my own work. As a result, I decided to make some more and started selling them - and had such a great response that Bella's Crafts was born!

I am always finding new things that inspire me and give my home that little extra something.

I love connecting with the people that buy my products and hearing their ideas as nowadays everyone wants to make sure their gift is memorable and most importantly treasured! We all want the recipient to remember who bought their gift!  That's why if there is something you would like and can't find it here, please let me know and I will make every effort to make it for you!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and please keep coming back to see new updates as I'm always designing something different.

Best wishes,


Isabel xx